Healthy Paws is the best for our four dogs!

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We've been a "Healthy Paws" customer for about three years. We have four dogs insured. There have been several occasions we've had to file claims for our dogs and we've always been taken care of promptly. We've never disagreed with Healthy Paws reimbursement of any of our claims. The latest claim has totaled close to $6,000 . Our reimbursement for these claims were all handled within a couple of days and reimbursed to policy agreements of close to $5,000 in checks back to us. One of our smallest dogs was seem by our primary care vet with recommendations for further diagnostic tests, including ultrasound. He was admitted to our local emergency hospital, discharged and transferred on to NC State for further 24/7 care. The total hospitalization was 6 days. Our "Boogie" has pancreatitis along with some other underlying issues that we're still working on. We highly recommend Heathy Paws to all of our friends and family. For people that are close enough to their pets that they're part of the family.....believe me when I say, if your beloved "furbaby" gets really sick, it will break your heart if you don't have the financial means to provide required medical attention. It's at times like this we are so thankful that Healthy Paws was there for us. Before we chose Healthy Paws, I extensively researched several health insurance plans. Healthy Paws provided the most benefits for our "four legged hairy children", with the lowest cost for the benefits we have. If you don't currently have pet health insurance, I highly recommend Healthy Paws. Thank you Healthy Paws for being there for us- even checking up on our pet.

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pancreatitis and other underlying issues
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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