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We've had Healthy Paws for 2 of our dogs, and will continue to use them! After being referred by a friend who had our golden retriever's sister from another litter, we knew some of the health risks that come with the breed. Sadly, we lost our golden to cancer at the age of 8. While I didn't think I was ready, my wife and I fell in love with our Terrier-mix at a local shelter ~6mo later.

Through the diagnosis and treatment of our golden's cancer, the Healthy Paws team was great! They consistently sent us follow-up 'checking in' emails after each of the diagnosis and treatment claims we filed...personalized notes that really make you know you're working with a team who understands falling in love with your furry family members, and the heartbreak that comes with the diagnosis we received. When we finally had to put our golden to sleep, we got a very thoughtful and personable note from the Healthy Paws team. All the while, they worked directly with our vet to pay for / reimburse us for all the treatments, etc. so we barely saw any paperwork, which would've likely fallen by the wayside given how much we were grieving...!

Our experience with Healthy Paws was so pleasant (despite the circumstances), that we didn't think twice about getting the same coverage for our Terrier-mix! Today, she's 3yrs old and never runs out of energy. We've (thankfully) only had to file claims with the Healthy Paws team once or twice with her. Again, on each count, they reach out to check in on our pup and make sure she's having a smooth recovery! Reimbursement checks have consistently arrived within ~1week of claims being filed. And, again, they've been great about working directly with the vet so we don't have to sort out much for paperwork!

We've had great experience with Healthy Paws, and will continue to rely on them for our pet policies. Where you see negative reviews because someone bought a policy without doing their due diligence: know what you're paying for and how to use it! Any time I've had questions about what may be covered, payment/reimbursement, etc., Healthy Paws is easy to get in touch with, responsive, and very helpful in helping me have complete understanding of our policy.

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