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My dog was sick for many months. I had a question for PetPlan about past claims so I went online to chat with customer service. I was chatting with someone named Dave who, to be honest, was awful. I said more than once that we probably have to put our dog to sleep in the next few days and I didn't get any sympathy or any kind words. I didn't get what I needed so I ended the chat and called PetPlan on the phone. I was connected with Stacey Johnson, and my luck completely changed. Not only was Stacey compassionate and understanding she went above and beyond to help me with some claims issues and gave me her email address so I could send documents directly to her so claims could be corrected. If it wasn't for Stacey I would have walked away from PetPlan for ever and stopped recommending them. But now I will use PetPlan again when we get our next dog. I am not going to let one bad apple (Dave) ruin my otherwise positive experience with PetPlan over the course of 8+ years. Thank you Stacey. PetPlan needs more people like you.

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