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The first 10 years I had this insurance I would have rated you a 10 but in 2019 you are only in it for the money. My baby had cancer surgery and complications afterwards then passed away a month and a half later. I spent close to $1400.00 and what did I receive from you $0! For years I bragged about you and gave you customers. Now I will be telling people not to go to you because you all are dishonest. We are going on 4 months now with the appeal and you continue to lie to me saying you did not receive it. It was sent to you by email and fax several times but you just don’t want to pay me. The worst thing is my baby is dead! And you jerks give me a sympathy card with someone else’s dog name on it!

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Posted: 02/13/2020

Hello, Laurie. We are sorry to hear that you're upset with your experience with PetFirst and are very sorry for your loss. We understand your frustrations and we would be happy to speak with you and discuss this further. Our team has looked further into this and a team member will be reaching out to you today to discuss this with you.