If it was not for Healthy Paws my sweet boy would not be alive.

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If it was not for Healthy Paws my sweet boy would not be alive. There are a lot of people out there that buy insurance for the peace of mind of knowing they have something to fall back on. This is not us. We got our dog at 8 weeks old. At 9 weeks he had severe medical complications. Since we have had him (he is almost 2 now) we have been at the vet no less than once a month. Typically we are there every other week as we flop back and forth from our family vet, our dermatologist, and our internal medicine doctor. The only bill that was not covered by them was our first ER bill as we were still in the waiting period.

We are a family that pays a much higher monthly premium than most. However, that was a decision we made on our own. We chose to pay more per month for a lower deductible and a higher return rate. In fact, one of the main reasons we chose to use Healthy paws was their customization options. I was able to customize the plan exactly how I wanted. We are not a wealthy family so that was incredibly important to me. We shopped around a lot before we even got out dog and trust me, there are a lot of options out there. But not a single one of them comes close the coverage, cost, and customer service of Healthy Paws.

Getting Healthy Paws was the best thing we could have ever done and we really do owe our dog’s life to them. If you are debating if this is the right plan for you, it is. I promise you that there is no better company out there.

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