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I cannot stress enough HOW much I have had to babysit this company for the past 9 months for updates or even small communication.
I'm going on almost a YEAR since filing denied claims with Trupanion and it STILL has yet to be resolved. I also cannot stress enough that this is NOT simply a matter of deeming things as pre-existing issues that cannot be covered. My issue with the company boils right down to their communication and worst of all their ETHICS. When enrolling via phone with Trupanion, I was told ALL WAITING PERIODS WOULD BE WAIVED due to a special enrollment flyer I had recieved from my veterinary clinic in May. Naturally, my dog developed IVDD symptoms shortly after signing up for the policy. No big deal right? I have pet insurance that offers to cover rehab and all the waiting periods are waived. My claim was denied shortly after filing and having a few months of rehab done. The reason was that the IVDD was a pre existing condition that occured within the time frame of my "waiting period." How can that be since I was told VERY CLEARLY over the phone that all my waiting periods had been waived? The loop hole is that the rider coverage I purchased is excluded from the offer and holds its own separate waiting period. This was NEVER disclosed this during my enrollment phone call. Furthermore, I had no way to actually confirm or know this was excluded until after the claim was denied because I was never sent a full disclosure copy of my policy. This is due to the fact that they also did not store my email address correctly in their system when I enrolled over the phone. This wasn't discovered until after my claim was denied and I called to dispute the issue. When I originally asked for my copies to be mailed to me as well as emailed, I was told they no longer mail things in order to be more green. ZERO copies of my policy ever made it to me to review. Once copies of my policy were actually mailed to me, I noticed these were incorrect as well. I signed two pets up at the same time and had received two of the same policy declaration papers for one dog, but nothing on paper for the dog I filled the actual claim for. After a couple months of non consistent communication with Kairi, Another rep named Christine, who had apparently been overseeing my case, called me to let me know they agreed that they had made mistakes in my enrollment and were willing to pay the monetary damages I had accumulated thus far for rehab services for my dog. However, they WOULD not cover any rehab services after that. This to me is not acceptable. I was happy to hear that they would cover thus far, however, that DOES NOT help my dog in the future and IS NOT the policy I was sold when enrolling my dog. She made it a point to tell me that if my dog would ever need surgery for the IVDD or if any work up care such as an MRI was needed, this would be covered. However, the rehab would not be. Why would you not want my dog to continue rehab so the chances of her blowing her back out to the point of needing surgery can be hopefully avoided or prevented? I called her back a week or so later after talking to an attorney. I told Christine I DID STILL WANT TO CONSIDER the offer for damages to be paid but I would be filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner of Wisconsin to make sure all my bases are covered. Christine told me they would be talking directly to the OCI moving forward. This happened around the end of September. Fast forward to December. The OCI is now involved. The OCI has made it a point to tell me I'm sadly not the only person to have a similar complaint filed against this company and that Trupanion is borderline negligent in their communication even with them. The OCI sent me a copy of Trupanion's statement and version of their side of the story. Multiple times throughout out the statement it states emails were sent to me with my policy information. How can that be when Trupanion didn't have my correct email address? As if it wasn't clear enough already that their attention is horrendous, the spelling of my name as well as the state I reside in is incorrect through out the statement. It also states that I ultimalety denied the offer as described above. I can't believe a company that claims to to do things in "good faith" would go as far as fabricating stuff on paper. As if this doesn't look sloppy enough, to date, a medical records analysts is STILL calling my vet's office requesting records for my dog even though the claim has already been denied. She notes they recieved the original medical records in bits an pieces and want to make sure they truly have all the records. The also noted they're now questioning some of the medications as well as medical notes put in by the doctor. Your just now doing this when the claim was denied months ago? Yikes. I was hoping I wouldn't have to write this review. However, after another week of ignored phone calls, I feel Trupanion has earned it.

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