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I am going into my third year of having pet insurance for my cat. I used it last year when she was ill and found out she needed a tooth removed. This year I received my renewal letter, and my insurance will be increasing by $50, last year when it increased it was less than $4. When I have contacted customer service to inquire why the the change is so drastic compared to last year, I get the same "copy and paste" message, that it is based on their age and increase to illness. I understand that an animals risk increases as they age, but my cat only turned 4 in September, so she's hardly an elderly animal just yet! Customer service has assured me that the increase isn't because I used the insurance last year, but I don't know if I truly believe that. The increase of $50 seems arbitrary since last time it was so low. I am going to continue with PetPlan this year, and will wait to see what dollar value they choose to increase it by next year, to determine if I still want to stay a customer or not. The last time I spoke with a Customer Service agent, I also felt like they were being a little condescending when they told me I could call to have it verbally explained to me (I understand written English proficiently). I have continued to ask my questions about the value increase because it doesn't make sense when looking at the previous increase. I remember reading reviews like this before I signed up but thought I would give it a try. Now, I am not sure if I will continue as a customer beyond this year.

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