PetSecure? More like PetScammers!!

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Just canceled my pet insurance. Two years of paying 50 bucks a month for insurance and not a single payout. So paying full vet bills and the full insurance premiums and every time a claim is submitted a big story about why they won’t send a cheque or how they never got a claim. They we recommended by SPCA when I adopted two senior cats, who are the most awesome dudes, btw. SPCA said they had a special deal that they would insure all spca-adopted cats even seniors at the non-senior rate and “everything would be covered”. SPCA said both cats’s teeth were fixed. Took them to the vet, turns out one of the cats did not have their teeth done. $1000 later, PetSecure tells me they don’t cover dental for the first six months of coverage and try to cancel my insurance because they are too old. Then it’s that they never received the claims, then it’s that they had a wrong address (but I never got any cheques from them after updating the address). This time it’s that suddenly there is a 400 deductible that wasn’t there before and diagnosing and treating cat diabetes is “preventative care” and not eligible for the stuff over 400. I’m out waaaay more money from paying PetSecure. Look just take that money that you would pay for insurance and put it in a vet bill fund in your own bank account—don’t pay these scammers a penny!! Pet Secure is such a scam!!!!!

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