This is the best thing that we could ever have bought for our new puppy, Ellie... YAY!! NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE IS THE BEST!!

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We were referred to Nationwide Pet Insurance by my cousin and his wife, who are both veterinarians, and own a veterinary hospital in Hawaii. It was the best purchase that we ever could have made!! When our puppy, Ellie ingested the blades half of a disposable razor, I almost had a heart attack... I quickly called my husband and told him what had happened. He asked me, "are you okay to drive her to the vet??", and I responded, "no, I don't think so!!". He quickly came home and drove us to PetCare Veterinary Hospital, where they took an x-ray of Ellie's stomach contents, and the x-ray showed four individual blades floating separately inside her stomach!! (It was a four-blade disposable razor that she ingested). The vets said that they were amazed that she hadn't cut up her mouth when she had eaten it!! They took an $1,800.00 deposit down on her visit, and recommended an endoscopic removal of the blades, and told us that if the endoscopy was not successful, that she would go to surgery next to remove the blades. We agreed, and left her in their very experienced hands, and went home and anxiously waited by the phone for the results of the endoscopy. After about an hour and a half, I called PetCare to see how she was doing, and they told me that so far, they had removed three of the four razor blades that she had ingested, and were still working on removing the fourth blade... but that there was so much other stuff in her stomach, (pieces of the plastic razor handle, stuffing from a stuffed dog toy that she had disemboweled), that it could possibly be up to another hour before they would be done with her endoscopy. They told us that they would give us a call when they were totally done, and we hung up the phone. About an hour later, they called and let us know that they had successfully removed everything from Ellie's stomach, that she had awakened from her anesthesia, and that she was resting comfortably now in recovery, and that they would like to keep her overnight at the hospital and we could pick her up the next morning. Totally relieved that she was okay, we went to bed, and returned to pick her up the following morning at PetCare. She was very happy to see us, and the total bill at PetCare came to $2,890.40. When we got home, I was going over the Nationwide Pet Insurance schedule of benefits, and I approximated that we would get about $1,200.00 reimbursement from them based on what their schedule of benefits showed for "Endoscopy" and "Gastric foreign object removal". I submitted copies of her bills to Nationwide along with a completed claim form, and waited anxiously for a response. I checked online for the results of her claim a few days later, and right there on the computer screen, it showed that a check for reimbursement had already been issued in the amount of $2,598.40!! Nationwide Pet Insurance paid for EVERYTHING except for $42.00 and our $250.00 deductible!! I quickly texted my husband and told him that her claim had been paid for $2,598.40... and he sent me back a text saying "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for getting Ellie Nationwide Pet Insurance!!" :)). The razor blade ingestion happened on October 16, 2019, I submitted the claim to them by mail on October 23rd, 2019 and we were received a check from Nationwide in well under 30 days!! NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE IS THE BEST!!

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