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I dont normally complain but I will be making sure everyone I know will find out the experience I have had with Pet Plan. Our decision to purchase pet insurance for our pet, Boscoe, was one of the best decisions we ever made. Shortly after purchasing insurance our Boscoe fell ill suddenly and we found out that he had ingested one of our children's socks. We were on holidays at the time and our pups boarding people had to take him to the vet. When everything was said and done our bill was close to $7,000. After the deductible we received 90% of our money back as we were signed up for one of the top coverage plans. Now Boscoe carried on after to live healthy and fully healed.

Life carried on as usual. We continued to make our payments and our account was renewed. I happened to come across a bill and noticed that instead of paying 35/month for 90% coverage of up to $20,000 (or more I cant remember) with a $350 deductible I only had $15,000 with 70% after a pretty hefty deductible. Now, I understand that we had one large catastrophic isolated case but this should not mean that my coverage should be affected. We didnt even have any further claims after that incident and whose to say we would have even had another large one as this was a freak incident. I would have happily continued my payments, even if they had moderately increased as I would understand that. But to change my plan and consider me a high risk case and change my coverage without even letting me know is rediculous. Our animal hospital are the ones who recommended Pet plan and I will be sure to share this experience with them so they can share with other customers. Pet Plan stands behind the client until there is a claim and then you are pretty much screwed and dont get the choice of what type of coverage you want to pay for.

Also when I requested my account be cancelled today the Pet Plan representative was more than happy to do so and did not even ask if there was anything they could do to retain our business.

I am beyond dissapointed as I have always been very happy with Pet Plan. Pet plan has lost a very good customer who would have been one for life and have lost my word of mouth referrals.

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Posted: 07/15/2019
By: janie

I experienced a similar situation. All of a sudden after multiple years of renewal at the same levels of coverage I noticed Petplan USA had "changed my coverage from a $250 deductible w/ 80% coverage and high maximum annual of about $20K TO: $500 deductible w/ 70% coverage and $14K deductible". As you mentioned no notification was given they just "did it". Like you if I noticed the change when I went to process a claim at a much later date. I never thought to check my yearly renewal policy for changes to coverage I did not ask for or authorize. I did always expect the premiums to increase as my dog aged so never questioned that.