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My 10 year old Beagle, Boomer (and his sister, Daisy) are very special to my family and I, and we learned of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance several years ago after they were already adults, but were fortunate enough to get them on the $200 deductible/90% plan and keep it now. It's turned out to be great use of money as well as ensuring the well-being of Boomer and Daisy. Just like people, dogs have medical issues pop up as they age--and some of them have been very expensive--even thousands of dollars per year. Just in the past year, Boomer has had a major Knee surgury to repair a luxated patellar tendon (almost $3K), and has had several expensive diagnostic tests (over $1500) plus medications (two pills that cost $3 each, daily, $180/month) that he will be on indefinitely. Daisy's had chronic conditions emerge with her age as well, but she too has her conditions and associated medications all covered. Sure, the premiums go up as the pets age (and you get good advance notification, with an option to change covereage options), but not as quickly and as much as I'd expect, and it's still FAR better than having unexpected medical bills and having to pay ALL or them--or make very tough life-and-death decisions based soley on money. And it's great peace of mind knowing most or all of it will be covered--as we've always spent whatever it takes for our dogs as we would ourselves--we not bear to put them down or let them suffer because we couldn't afford it. While we're not (yet) seniors on a fixed retirement income, those who are who want to keep their furry life companions and continue to be able to take care of themselves should defintely have insurance like this. Folks can plan ahead, have premiums automatically deducted, and know there is a safety net for their pets when they and their pets need it. Knowing this kind of insurance is there and having the proof and experience of knowing it works is fantastic. And the castastrophic types of things covered is very impressive. No hassles or haggling either (I was surprised)--the claims are simple and fast. We simply pay the medical bills and get our vet to email the invoices with itemization to us....and then we pass them on to Healthy Paws in a claim (but there are no claim forms, not phone calls). Usually, within a week a direct deposit is headed to our bank account to reimburse us for the covered amount, along with a summary explanaton of benefits showing in detail was paid, what was not covered, and a quick contact to call if we have questions. So while no time is likely too late for insurance, get your pets signed up early as possible to minimize the "pre-existing conditions" clause impacts seen for any insurance policy. While our Boomer is not yet out of the woods on his health, there are no coverage ceilings, so we know we can continue looking into his medical issues and get him the best care possible to keep him as happy and healthy as possible and with us for (hopefully) for many more years. I can't say enough about Healthy Paws. I wish I could use this for my own health insurance!

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