This is s Scam! They don’t answer calls or cover qualified claims

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They don’t cover qualified claims! I adopted our cat from the humane society in early February, but could not reach anyone from Trupanion on the phone to register her, despite waiting on the phone for hours. I finally got her signed up after a week, and went in for a follow-up appointment for over-grooming, but otherwise she was perfect with zero signs of month later we had to take her in to urgent care for a major sinus infection that came on. Trupanion repeatedly deny our claim and appeals to them to cover her treatment ($800). Trupanion is pretending that her once a day hair ball from over-grooming counts as a pre-existing sinus condition, despite her doctors repeatedly reporting no signs of any sinus issues.

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American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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