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I submitted my first two claims ever with Embrace and had a terrible customer experience. The mere act of submitting was confusing in and of itself. After I searched the website to find a claim form that is required with every submission, I had to utilize the chat system because the form is confusion - does not provide clear direction. It uses words like "my pet" which made me think the form must be filled out by the pet owner, but, after chatting, I learned that it must be filled out by the vet. So, my vet fills out and submits the forms. I ask about status after a week or so and so they called Embrace. They said that Embrace said they needed more information, when, in fact, they did not. Apparently this is a go-to statement because they assume receiving incomplete work. I learned that they *did* need more information but from another vet (the 24/7 emergency vet) and they took their good old time getting the paperwork from them. I had been waiting for over a month. If they cared about customer service, they would have nagged at the emergency vet until they received the paperwork because I'm Embrace's client and they should want to provide for their clients. When reached out to Embrace demanding a status update, I got the backhanded apology where they cited their policy to me. I realize you have a policy to follow for first-time claims but your lack of urgency created a very frustrating experience for me. I wasn't informed with progress updates and had to reach out to my vet several times. Thank goodness for the vet who did a lot of the work coordinating. One month and 15 days later, I received partial payment. Now I'm stuck with Embrace because my cat now has a pre-existing condition. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST USING EMBRACE!

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Posted: 07/12/2019

Hi Lindsay,

I'm so sorry you have had a frustrating experience. We try to make the claims process very straight forward, and include all the information on the claim form, including a box around the part that says "To be filled out by veterinary staff only", and a part that says "What you must send us".

You are right that we don't really "nag" vet clinics - we request the information we need, and then we send a follow up request. Because most vets do not have the capacity to have a person dedicated to insurance, and there is no standardization in the pet insurance industry (like there is in human health insurance, with networks and things), we sometimes have to rely on the Pet Parent to help us get information if the vet is unable to respond quickly. Our policy is between us and the Pet Parent, so the vet clinic doesn't have any obligation to us and understandably places their clients appointments as a priority. We don't want to interfere with that, so we try not to annoy them.

If you want to email me with your policy number, I can look further into your claim for an explanation of why you only received a partial reimbursement. You can reach me at djl@embracepetinsurance.com.

Contact Center Manager