Your time is worth nothing

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Embrace goes to outrageous extremes to make sure that the claims process is convenient for their employees, by putting all of the burden on their customers.
1. When you file a claim, instead of emailing you after they have processed the claim, Embrace says "Keep an eye on your claim online by logging on to Embrace Claims Portal. We will update the portal as soon as something changes."
2. I scanned and uploaded 7 pages of documents when filing a claim. That should have been enough, but NO: Their website slowly, painfully, displays an image of each page. Then, you have to mark whether the page is a claim form or a diagnosis page. Then, you have to check a box indicating that the scan is precise and easy to read.

I didn't give Embrace the lowest possible rating, because there isn't anything wrong with the actual insurance.
The problem is the insensitive arrogance of a company that thinks your time is worth nothing.

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