Worst pet insurance company out there!!

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You didn’t receive a payment and threatened to send my mom to collections. Then three months after she cancelled, you threatened to send her to collections again!!! Worst company out there!! Whatever you do don’t choose pets plus us when deciding on a pet insurance company for your pet! You’ll be sorry!

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Posted: 06/28/2019
By: Maria

Hi Rebecca, We do not have enough details to know which policy you are referencing however, even if a policy is cancelled if there are premiums owing at the time of cancellation the premium must be paid as coverage is provided for the insured pet from the date of inception of the policy until the date the policy is cancelled.

In insurance contracts, the insurer promises to pay for covered losses that the insured suffers, and the insured promises to abide by the contract and pay the premium.

I hope that this provides clarity for your mother. Should you have any further questions please contact one of our knowledgeable service advocates at 1 800-364-8422 and they would be happy to assist you. Thank you.

Posted: 07/05/2019
By: Maria

Hi Jessica, I apologize that your claims experience was so frustrating for you. When your policy transferred to us from PC it had not been underwritten as you had not presented a claims during the time your policy was with them. When a policy has not been underwritten we must do so prior to processing a claim. In doing so we request the complete medical history of the pet to determine if there are any pre-existing conditions and we issue you a full policy outlining same. Once a policy is underwritten our members have clarity with respect to their coverage for eligible accidents and illnesses and our claims turnaround time to process claims is usually 5 – 7 business days.

When a pet is diagnosed with Separation Anxiety and the treatment is Behavioral Modification, calming therapies, and anti-anxiety medication if needed it falls under the category of Behavioral Therapies within the policy. This category within the policy has an annual coverage limit per year. Your claim was paid out based on the maximum annual limit under your chosen policy. I hope that this provides further clarity and that Cooper is doing well with him therapy.