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I have been with this company for 6 months and so far I am not having a good experience. I adopted two dogs last summer and signed them up with nationwide in January. Since January they have been to the vet several times for allergies and wellness. The allergies were not a preexisting condition. I have been denied every claim. Reasons being: the name was not clear on the invoice (name was clearly typed on invoice), the script was not written properly by vet, they need more medical records (I had already sent them all of the records I had), they want the records from 2017 (the female was a stray at that time and there are no existing records for the male). I have lost count as to how many times I have had to call the insurance company and my vet. My vet has been wonderful about getting them the information they request, but then the insurance company just invents another issue. If they are unable to come up with a reason to decline my claim, I receive this:
“Thank you for submitting your request for a review. We apologize for the delay but we may require an additional 30 days to process your submission before making a decision. We will contact you in writing if further information is still needed to complete our review.”
So far, I have not been reimbursed for anything. The company’s sole goal is to find a way to decline claims.
I feel I should say something positive about the company. They are extremely timely and efficient at processing my payments to them. (Please note the heavy sarcasm here.)
I signed up with this company through my employer. I will be notifying my Human Resources department regarding Nationwide’s shady practices.

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Posted: 07/02/2019
By: Linda

Check out healthy paws

Posted: 10/12/2019
By: SS

We are having the same issues with this carrier. WE and our vet are completely at a loss of words for the way they handle claims. claiming they aren't getting enough information from the vet. Our vet submits all doctor notes(scripts) and billing descriptions. I am waiting on a reimbursement of about $500-$600.

Our policy cost us 111.00 a month. What a mistake we made in choosing this company.