The best decision we made was going with Nationwide.

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Oh my goodness, where to begin? Nationwide Pet Insurance saved us thousands!! Our dear sweet, 2 year old German Shepherd was neutered two days after Christmas. Five days later he became very ill. He was lethargic,, and wouldn't eat or drink. When his face and neck started swelling, and he was drooling, we took him to the emergency vet clinic. It was determined that he had gotten a nasty infection and the lymph nodes in his neck were abscessed . They told us had we waited too long, he would have died! They immediately took him to surgery and removed the infected nodes and surrounding necrotic tissue. It was a bumpy three months for our boy. It seemed like it was one thing after another for him, with daily hospital appointments, and overnight stays. He was on antibiotic injections for weeks! He's still not completely healed because of complications from his ordeal, but he's 80% better. He has a new norm, and we will deal with it. Nationwide has been behind us from day one., and I am so grateful for that. Their customer service is exceptional, and they stand behind their name
They truly are an outstanding company and their Jingle rings true. Thank you Nationwide for providing us with excellent customer service.

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