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After years of being a customer and not having problems, suddenly every claim I submitted was deemed to be a pre-existing condition. First, the consider any condition that existed before your renewal date a pre-existing condition. It is a renewal of the same policy, but now since the plan has renewed, anything your pet had even the day before the renewal is now pre-existing even though it is the same policy! My cat has asthma. They covered the diagnosis, but refused to cover the medications due to pre-existing condition. Then, everything, even if it is brand new becomes pre-existing. I took my cat in because she suddenly (read the word there, suddenly) started losing weight. Somehow that is a pre-existing condition to them, so they refused to cover it.

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Posted: 06/26/2019

i only saw one comment on insurance for a cat which was over 8 yr old. I have 2 kittens.. 11 wks old. I'm trying to figure the break even, using my two previous cats with excellent care they got in Boston to figure if it's worth spending $ 864/ yr for 2 on premiums... then the deductible.