Trupanion is a scam, you will get hussled.

Out of 10

Trupanion pet insurance, remember me?? Of course you do, I’m the guy you scammed and hussled for $5,000. Remember when I got my French bulldog and had called to ask if y’all covered the breathing surgery? Of course you do, well thank you for accepting my payments every month for his insurance towards this surgery, thank you for allowing me the assurance that I would be reimbursed from his surgery after already having it. Oh wait.. you didn’t reimburse me, I have been paying insurance on my French Bulldog every month for no reason, just more money to fork out. Great idea let’s get dog insurance that doesn’t ensure!!

Also I am extremely excited to cancel my insurance with you all, and to get my money back with or without your help.

Sincerely, someone who should have done the $500 deductible! instead I did the $1,000 deductible to be fair, It sure pays to try and do the nicer things for people.

Trupanion will gladly take your money, but be careful about getting reimbursed. This is not the last you will hear from me.

This trupanion company literally told me they will cover the procedure when i was looking for an insurance company to go with for my $5,000 newborn puppy. I even called before the surgery to make sure i would be reimbursed and I was assured. We all know frenchies have this problem, so now I have a $5,000 dog with $5,000 in medical bills when I have been paying $50 a month for his insurance for no reason. I want to sue the piss out of trupanion.

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