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My experience is nothing but the idea that you were paying for insurance and when it comes time to actually have a concern, coverage denied. What a waste of putting money into peace of mind that you have pet insurance and when then time needed the most, you have nothing. The lady on the phone was very pleasant and sympathetic. Great phone skills but this goes beyond her control.
We have an 11 year old boston terrier who was perfectly healthy, only to one day find a scratch on the lens of his eye, (long story made short) his eye needed to be removed. Deemed not accidental which I don't see how else a scratch to the cornea would happen that would happen, and easy for them to say not covered.

Nothing else, that was it. At this point its not even about the money, its the principle in which they review and decide on coverage. How can you say something so simple is actually that complicated and wrap words around. I come from a world of customer service and I know if my customers were treated this way I would be out of a job.

Save your money, put in to a seperate account and save hopefully for a rainy day that never comes.

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Posted: 06/17/2019
By: Julie

That lady with the 'pleasant phone manner', is a customer service accounts representative and has the authority to change or rectify discrepancies. Sorry you got shafted.