Total BS insurance- dont waste your money

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I adopted a little angel from Petco and with the $370 adoption fee I received a free 30 days of pet insurance with Petfirst that only covered emergency illnesses. Which was awesome- so I thought... took my pet for her (also included free vet visits within the first 10 days of adoption). Turns out she had some diarrhea so I paid extra to have some poop checked out everything was fine but she gave me meds to help soothe her tummy. I activated my free 30 days of insurance 2 days later just in case something went wrong. Of course when I took her to get her shots a week later- she still had diarrhea and had now developed a rash on her belly they tested the rash and she ended up having ringworm. Almost $200 later in vet Bill's to get this little angel healthy- my claim was then denied as being a 'pre-existing condition'. Sure I read the fine print about a 'waiting period' of 14 days but it makes no sense what's the point of having a free 30 day policy if only 16 days are actually considered 'coverable'. Total BS policy if you ask me. You would think Petfirst would want to keep you as a client but after them not even covering her ringworm medication (which I dont know how you would consider that a preexisting condition no one told me she had ringworm when I adopted her. I definitely will not be purchasing a policy from them because early their policy coverage is bullshit. I will not recommend anyone nor will I write a decent review for you guys. Read the fine print people and steer clear from this company. They basically dont cover anything- not even a 3 month old puppy with a 'preexisting case of the shits and a belly rash'. Thanks for no help whatsoever.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

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