Hartville to the rescue!

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We are long term clients and very glad we are. About 15 years ago we joined up our first boxer. They served him well, so naturally our second boxer Toddy, a rescue, became a client as well. Hartville has always had our back and when Toddy got sick and found to have IBD, they covered our expenses. At the same time, Toddy was found to have a mast cell tumor and had to undergo yet another procedure. Once the smoke cleared and we submitted our claims, we were reimbursed quickly. They did everything quickly and seamlessly. There are all kinds of new companies opening every day, but we will stick with the best!

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Posted: 05/24/2019

Since you are a longtime client maybe you can help me decide on them. I was thinking of joining up with them until I read some negative reviews.
the reviews say that they will cover most illnesses,, but then when the policy renews they will no longer covered that same illness anymore because they say it is now a pre-existing condition. have you had any troubles with that?? Thank you.