Urgency is not embrace’s Strong suit

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Where to begin... after a simple urinary tract infection in our frenchie that still hasn’t been covered to the emergency follow up, embrace hasn’t made this easy or a priority. After persistently dealing with our veterinary clinic, and multiple assurances that they sent everything needed, almost two months later 2 out of three visits still aren’t processed. And after being told embrace had contacted our vet for the info they needed, and then being told by the vet techs that no one had reached out to them. I despise dishonesty, nor will I stand for this deliberate lack of care from a pet insurance company. I am not out to scam or fleece, but when my four legged kids are sick they are getting better care than I am, so we are going to the veterinarian. That’s why we have insurance. If embrace continues to act this way, we will be dealing with another company that actually cares and prioritizes it’s customers.

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