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I used the 30 day free coverage you receive when I registered my GSD pup with the AKC. I thought I would try it out, and if paid off, would not mind continuing the policy. The policy once activated was vague and terms undefined, or not easily found in my experience if they were released.

When I received my pup from the breeder at 8 wks of age, it took about a week to realize he had coccidia. He was treated for that out of my pocket. In the meantime he was registered, and I activated his insurance certificate. Two weeks after treatment his diarrhea came back, but he no longer had coccidia. He had a bacterial overgrowth now causing his diarrhea, that the vet said could or could not be related to the coccidia he had a month before. We tested to rule out EPI, and decided after a stool test to confirm to just try probiotics and a blander puppy food to fix it.

Of course an insurance company is going to say, 'yes this is related' so that coverage would be denied as preexisting. He probably could have had an eye problem and they would have found that a way to relate that to the coccidia he had when I got him. That is how insurances are, but I had hoped AKC pet insurance would have been different. Wishful thinking. Needless to say, I guarantee I will not be purchasing a policy from them, because I am certain any future stomach problems will be related back to his puppy hood experience and denied unless I purchase some useless add on for another +$20, when in reality all the money I would waste on this insurance would go to a savings account, that will fund his medical needs, regardless of its cause.

That aside, once you get through to customer service [usually a bit of a wait] they are friendly, helpful, and professional in the two instances I called. Submitting a claim was pretty straight forward, but processing took a while from time of submitting. About a week after submitting they called because they wanted to verify my dogs name because they only had his registered name, which you could tell it was the same animal based on the description and age printout the vet prints the receipt on. You could also just say, oh yea it's "____" of the name on the receipt anyway, so I'm not certain why this factor held up claim processing. Then I hear nothing more for another ~ 2 wks.

So overall not too bad on the customer service end, but as other reviews say, just expect to pay regardless the condition or cause after wasting time and effort contacting and submitting a claim.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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