ONLY COVERS 1 FOREIGN BODY OBSTRUCTION PER LIFETIME! Be very careful with what coverage you select.

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We got this pet insurance in August when our pup was 9 months and had "wellness plus" along with other coverage and were paying about $25 a month and thought we had gotten a great deal that would help with routine and emergency bills. Well.. we had submitted routine visits and they told us none of them were being paid because we didn't have routine coverage... we were lead to believe that was "wellness plus"!! So they told us, no you need "Defender" so we canceled that policy in October and opened a new one with all the coverage types and are now paying almost $70 a month!! (Lengthy story but just read to understand my point) In December our dog went to the ER for swollen/red eye, dx: pink eye. 4 days later he ate part of the plastic cone and had to have a "foreign body obstruction removal" ER visit at the same ED. Now our $250 deductible had been met. 10 days later he had to have a follow up with PCP vet and they reimbursed us 80% of that. So here's where things get bad. A few weeks later he snatched a pair of socks and we couldn't get them away from him, he ingested them. We submitted this claim and now they are telling us that they only pay for one foreign body obstruction per THE LIFETIME OF THE PET!!! BEWARE!! Our energetic German shepherd pup has always been a mouther and wanted to eat everything, no matter how hard we try. The customer service is good, but the terms of the policies are ify and seem to change...

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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