Many good choices, ASPCA is not one of them

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A small clause in their contact, something like: any condition not resolved in a claim period (in our case it was the calendar year) cannot be carried over to the next claim period. In a nutshell, at the annual wellness exam in December, our vet suggested a senior exam since she was 8 yrs. A lower than normal red cell count showed up. Our vet then did a scan looking for internal bleeding. Nothing showed up, our dog seems perfectly fine. The vet refers us to specialty clinic, couldn't get an appt. until January. More detailed testing revealed a serious bone marrow problem. She was gone in 6 months. Although I had paid my premiums for years, everything after January 1 was denied. Why? anything not cleared up in a contract period cannot be carried over (even though the premiums automatically renewed and continued). We hadn't even had a diagnosis yet. Therefore, if your dog gets sick, it better be in January. ASPCA has no affiliation with the charitable organization, they pay them to use their name. They are nothing like the ASPCA we know and love. I fought to get a small compensation that didn't anywhere near cover the costs of her care. I don't know if they've changed their ways or not but any company that inserts dirty little tricks like this into their policy is no friend of our pets and shouldn't be trusted. Lots of good pet insurance companies out there that do not have these practices. I know, I was very careful in selecting insurance for my new dog. This site was helpful. Felt the need to let other pet owners know about my experience.

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low red cell count
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