Extremely disappointed!!!!!

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I pick up my puppy on a Thursday night, the next morning I left for work he was completely fine. While at work I enrolled in the pet insurance that was given to me by the rescue company. When I got home from work the dog started showing slight signs of a kennel cough. Hours later I took the dog to the vet for a scheduled check up. The vet noted signs of kennel cough on the paperwork. Hours later the dog got even sicker. I had to take him to the emergency vet. He came down with pneumonia and was not eating or drinking and puked over 60+ times. The rescue insisted that trupanion would cover the vet expenses. Since the vet I took him to for the check up made a note that he showed signs of kennel cough it screwed my claim and now they are claiming it as pre-existing condition. The dog came to me healthy and within 12 hours of getting the insurance his body was shutting down and he was dying. I am so upset and feel that I was taken advantage of. My free trial was coming to an end and I have been debating whether or not to keep my insurance with trupanion. Well I decided not to reenroll and go with a different company, I was not happy with the service they provided. They never called me to get my side of the story. I waited weeks to hear from anyone. When I called 2 times both people I spoke to were very rude. Extremely disappointed!!!!!

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Posted: 10/25/2018
By: pjday08@hotmail.com

After Reading many of the negative reviews I will not be purchasing pet insurance here it all sounds like a scam

Posted: 11/28/2018
By: crothe4@gmail.com

A puppy doesn’t develop kennel cough, then pneumonia in the span of just 12 hours. He must have had kennel cough at some point previously, whether in your care or in the care of the rescue which indeed qualifies it as a pre-existing condition.

It sounds like you need to take this up with the rescue who gave you a sick dog.