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My husband & I adopted the most adorable St. Bernard puppy in May, 2018, he was 3 mos old when we brought him home, we named him Ziggy. Unbeknownst to us Ziggy's fun, carefree life would be quickly interrupted at the age of 5 mos. He came down with some unknown illness that first presented as lameness and quickly morphed into bacterial infection throughout his little body to the point where he was in severe distress. From mid-July to early August our days were spent taking Zigg back to emergency vet hospital (he was hospitalized 3 separate times) and each time still the Vets were not sure he would survive this ordeal. Primarily because he was a puppy and his immune system not fully developed. We had many scary sad nights, but throughout it our Vets never gave up hope they would find what was wrong with Zigg.

Happily today, Zigg has been home (for more than a month) and is well on his way to recovering. His diagnosis finally came that he had the dog version of MRSA (serious bacterial infections). Through all of this, we never once lost any sleep on how we were going to pay for Zigg's care. We found out luckily, that the breeder we adopted Zigg from had never canceled his ASPCA Pet Insurance. His coverage was for accidents/injury and paying up to 90% of bills. Submitting my claims for reimbursement was one of the easiest things I have ever done (too bad human health insurance isn't this simple). Went to the website, uploaded receipts, doctor's reports. ASPCA representatives emailed me immediately stating claims were received, and kept me informed of how they were progressing. ASPCA reps contacted the Vet directly, I did not have to be an intermediary. My first set of claims were reimbursed (at 90%) within 2 weeks of submission, my 2nd set within 1 week. I cannot stress enough the fact that we were dealing with life threatening issues with our baby boy was beyond stressful, NOT having to have to worry about how we were going to pay for his care was beyond a miracle. Going thru what we have with Zigg, I realized I needed to get coverage for my 2 older dogs, Clay & Finn (Golden Retrievers - 8 & 5 years of age), now I know I will never worry about caring for their medical needs in the future. If it ever occurs again, I know ASPCA will handle everything for us and all we have to do is focus on getting our babies well.

And on a separate note, whenever I did call ASPCA with questions or concerns, their very first question upon identifying me was "How is Ziggy?". It was incredible to have such care and concern with a representative whose job (really is to sell insurance). But the folks on the phone were truly caring and were concerned and you could feel it, it was not at all insincere. And even now almost a month since my last submission they were calling to follow up and see how Ziggy was doing, it was like talking to friends. I know there are many people who do not understand the connection we have with our pets, they are our family and to many of us "our children". And like any parent we love talking about our children, the folks at ASPCA understand this and are happy to hear our stories.

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