All the negative reviews are actually the truth!

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First off, if you want to read the entire review, please do. However, if you want the short version then I will start by saying:
1) ALL the negative comments about this company are actually true.
2) I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone, for any reason

Long story short, my dog got injured. An injury that was new (not pre existing) and the policy stated would be covered once all supporting documentation was submitted and reviewed.
So I submitted all the information for the diagnosis - but 24PetWatch kept asking for more information that was not part of any DVM routine consult or examination - 24PetWatch does this knowing you wont be able to provide the document (as I mentioned its not a process the DVM follow) and then 24PetWatch could use that as lack of compliance to their request, and deny your claim.
I was able to get my vet to provide some supporting documentation that satisfied the claim for the diagnosis of the injury.
However, when I submitted the claim for the treatment of the injury, 24PetWatch decided that they were changing the name/type of the injury, from "rupture" (as stated by my vet & the surgeon) to "disease" (as the word disease favored a clause in 24PetWatch policy). 24PetWatch did this in order to allow them to reference a clause in the policy which absolved 24PetWatch from paying for a "disease" even though my surgeon clearly documented it was a "rupture" due to rough activity.
24PetWatch also noted that in my vet's notes I had said I talked to "a friend" about the injury. 24PetWatch demanded the license number of my friend or they wouldnt honour my claim. My friend isnt a DVM, so there is no license number to provide and furthermore it was a casual conversation on the phone about my dog's injury - 24PetWatch insisted that I provide them with this persons contact information and their veterinary training qualifications (which dont exist, as the friend is not a vet), and if i did not provide the information, they wouldnt pay.

I understand that no insurance company would freely pay out large claims without requesting documentation as proof (which I very promptly provided), but when they start using disingenuous methods and lying to avoid helping a client in need of the service that you are already paying for - that is a very good indication that this is not a company you want to have any association with.
24PetWatch uses typical underhanded method used by an insurance company, and a clear indication of what kind or mentality and culture this company has adopted.

You will be doing yourself and your pet a favour by NOT opening a policy with this company.

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Knee injury
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/15/2017
By: curtis_taylor_…

I'd like to get the most objective reviews if pet insurance available.

Posted: 01/06/2018
By: bridgeterikavo…

Pet watch sounds deceptive and manipulating. I would need to,be a attorney or a vetinarian before I went thorough this shameful sneaky company. Hopefully they will go out of business or be met in a dark alley

Posted: 02/11/2018

I have this also and I only signed up because when I got my kitten from the shelter, it was the microchip company. I want to get out of my policy and go with another. I submitted a claim and got nothing in return.

Posted: 06/21/2018

This is a great review. I have also had a terrible experience with this company, but it did not involve an injury to my pet. That is just infuriating. Thank you for leaving a genuine and well written review for people to see.

Posted: 08/15/2018
By: myredvespa@hot…

Thank you for this needed information. I have a cat with a pre-existing condition, and he needs a vet appt. I am on a fixed income, and was looking for a pet insurance that wouldn't break the bank. Sadly, all exclude "pre-existing conditions" and like you experienced, change the "incident" with other terms in order to deny your claim. And, if you get CareCredit many vets don't take it.