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I have had Pet Plan for 2 dogs, now & been w/ them for over 10 years. When first looking for pet ins., I'd made a spreadsheet comparing All the plans available from different companies & Pet Plan was the Only one that met All the criteria I had set as I'd studied the various plans. The staff at PP is knowledgeable, caring & the turn-around time on paying claims very quick. They are clear re. what info they need so the pet owner is sure what to send & they make it clear what claims each payment is for which, if there is a lengthy illness/injury is a Huge help to the pet owner! When the 1st dog I insured w/ them unfortunately did die - they sent the payment in a sympathy card with a packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds. Which to me sums up the caring of the staff at Pet Plan. They will do what they say they will, they pay promptly and they care. No pet of mine will ever be w/out a Pet Plan policy!!

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Over $1000


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Over 8 years

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