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Baxter is an once in a life time dog. A rescue yellow lab/hound who will steal your heart. I got pet insurance for him through Petplan when he was about 5, after he ate corn cobs and needed stomach surgery. It was hard to find a pet insurance carrier who would be fine with a dog with that history. PP told me that it wasn't a pre-existing condition, since it wasn't an illness, and that even if he ate something else in the future and needed another surgery, it would be covered, as long as it wasn't due to my negligence (ie he was eating pebbles in the drive way time after time but we never removed them). I was happy to pay for insurance to give myself the peace of mind. A few years later, Baxter did need another stomach surgery. Petplan picked up most of the cost, and it was a no-brainer whether we would do it or not. He was back to his old self in a month. Fast forward another few years, and we are at this summer. Bax is 10.5 years old, and limping, and is diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer. My heart breaks. My vet refers us to the local vet specialty center, and they suggest amputation and chemotherapy, and hopefully that will give him another year or so of life. For a cost of likely $8,000-10,000++ all in. Ouch. If we had to pay that whole amount out of pocket it would have been a really really hard decision for a 10 year old dog. But thanks to Petplan, we said yes immediately and off to surgery he went. It's been a long road but Baxter is now 4 months post diagnosis, and loving life as a tripawd. He hikes, he runs up and down stairs, and he is more snugly than ever. Petplan has been incredible through all of this. They are so super sweet whenever I call, and they send reimbursement checks quickly after each chemo visit. I have no words to express how grateful I am to Petplan. Even if we only have another year with Bax, it was completely worth it to have the surgery and go through chemo, which was made possible by Petplan. So thank you. From me and from Baxter.

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