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I don't normally take the time to review product or service unless I feel It's REALLY worth it! This plan is really worth it from every point of view.My last dog before Bronn got very sick, I did not have pet insurance and ultimately between a diagnosis that was terminal to financial burden I was unable to keep my dog. My heart was broken because I kept thinking what if. This plan allows you the peace of mind to take care of your animal, that is huge.
The customer care, the response time for reimbursement has been just excellent. I believe that any responsible pet owner will do their homework, ask questions, do your research. You have to ask questions and this is one company that is so transparent with their plan and ready and willing to answer honestly any questions you may have.
Bronn, my dog, unfortunately was just diagnosed with Addisons, but thankfully due to a very diligent vet at Shoreline VCA in Connecticut (Dr. Rosensweig) picked up on his bloodwork results immediately and we had Bronn up and running around within 48hrs. This is obviously a financial commitment, time and medication for the rest of his life.
I feel so good knowing I have Petplan by my side and Bronn's to see us through.
Perhaps Petplan could fix the the health insurance crisis in this country....I will vote for you every time!
Thank you
From Bronn & owner(Sorcha)

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