New underwriter means *triple* the cost!

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I have been a Petplan customer for almost six years.
For the first two years of having my dog, I did not submit a claim. Then on the third year unbeknownst to us she consumed something toxic she found on our hike. That one incident alone was nearly the cost the annual premiums we paid for 3 years! Petplan paid the claim without any hassle. Then last year, my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We see a holistic vet and am thankful that Petplan paid for alternative medicines. The annual cost of those meds are almost equal to the cost of the premium.

So, I've been very happy with Petplan until yesterday...

I received a letter that they have a new underwriter in order to provide more flexible plans. Unfortunately, the annual premium equivalent to my current plan will now cost me three times as much with the new underwriter. The cost is so exorbitant that they are no longer competitive. The new premium is so excessive that I would switch in a heartbeat, but my dog has an existing pre-condition.

I used to recommend Petplan to everyone who owns a pet, including a dog group of 1,000 members I belong to. With the hike in cost, there is no way I can no longer recommend them.

I give them a rating of 5/10 because they do have excellent customer service. Unfortunately, their premiums are just way too steep.

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Skin problem

hip dysplasia
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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