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We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; Lola, who is nearly 8, and Fido, the baby at 4. When I purchased pet insurance with PetPlan nearly 8 years ago, my husband asked me why I would pay for insurance..."it's only a dog" was his argument. Knowing the problems that Cavs have, I felt it was a worthwhile investment. Well, let's fast forward to 2014. Lola was having problems breathing properly, and at night would snore like you wouldn't believe. We took her to our vet who referred us to a specialist veterinary hospital. Turns out after tests, more tests and minor surgeries, Lola had Laryngeal collapse. The veterinary hospital gave us two options: a full tracheostomy or we could euthanize her. Obviously we opted for the tracheostomy. The cost of this with all the pre-testing was $15,989.79. I forwarded my claim for to PetPlan for the full amount and they paid it (after our deductible) with no questions asked, within two weeks.
Since the tracheostomy, Lola has had to have follow up treatments, all of which PetPlan has paid. Just recently (July 2016), she had to undergo a skin fold resection around the tracheostomy site because the skin around her neck was causing obstruction to the stoma. In layman’s terms, she had a neck lift. On walks her lips and tongue would turn blue because she wasn’t getting any air. On one walk, she passed out completely and my dog walker had to give her “mouth to stoma” resuscitation to bring her around. The cost for the “neck lift” was $2,925. Again, PetPlan settled the claim (less our deductible) in less than two weeks.

I really cannot say enough positive things about PetPlan. Had we not had PetPlan insurance, we would have paid the the money out of pocket for Lola’s tracheostomy and the additional fees because she is part of the family. We have also had to claim for Fido in 2014 when he ended up with some sort of stomach bug that was causing him to vomit continuously. The cost for his treatment was just over $1,000 and again, PetPlan came to the rescue.

Claims are dealt with quickly; PetPlan keeps you informed via email about where the claim is in their system, and they reimburse you within two weeks. That’s why we love PetPlan!

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Laryngeal Collapse
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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1 - 8

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