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My fiance and I adopted our kitty from the shelter knowing our finances could support her regular care, but that big emergencies would be tough on a grad stipend and a photographer's salary. But we couldn't stand the idea of being irresponsible pet owners. Then I stumbled upon Petplan and found that it was just the kind of help we needed. Turns our, our poor furry has a periodontal problem- the rounds of extractions have been over $1,000 a piece. But the complications without treatment would have left her, at best, in pain in the long run and at worse could create fatal complications. With Petplan we have been able to follow through with the vet's recommendations without financial fear. The kitty recovers just fine, and seems to enjoy all the fancy wet food she gets now. I HIGHLY recommend Petplan to new owners. And don't be put off by the medical history requirement- call them if you are getting a shelter pet, they were really understanding about our records gap when we adopted an older animal.

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periadontal disease
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