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I've been with PetPlan for 4 years and had 2 claims. First experience with a claim was smooth. Second claim was less smooth but rescued by patient service representatives.
I was frustrated by a convoluted experience that was very different than my very satisfactory first experience. This time, I had to submit my claim twice and then after partial reimbursement, wrote and called to re-review the claim for an explanation. When I didn't hear back for more than a month, I contacted PetPlan again.

Turns out that they were missing a specific invoice for a credit card slip, even though there was a matching high-low estimate from the hospital for that day. A call to the hospital resulted in their providing the same high-low estimate paperwork and receipt for payment, but no invoice. After working with the service reps, who were very patient even though I was frustrated by being asked to provide an invoice that the hospital could not give me despite having provided the written estimate and matching credit card slip several times.

Finally, the rep asked me to contact the vet for a letter on letterhead detailing the itemized charges and the date of service, if the hospital computer could not create an acceptable invoice. Thankfully the rep's patient attitude convinced me to do it even though I had already called the hospital already.

Turns out that the vet had cancelled the last day's hospital charges as a courtesy, but that the computer system hadn't fully registered it properly. They couldn't generate an invoice for cancelled charges, but their system hadn't actually sent out my refund, so it seemed to me that I had paid. Finally, the hospital promised a refund to my card.

The patience and helpfulness of the reps, Mark Flaherty and Michael Yaeger, despite my frustration, eventually lead to a good resolution of the issue. What I thought was an incomplete reimbursement by PetPlan was actually a mistake within the hospital's computer system.

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