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We have covered our GSD, “Toby” with a PetPlan policy for 8 years. They have consistently covered every illness and injury for Toby. When they say "coverage for life" they actually mean coverage for life. Our GSD has several illnesses [Conjunctivitis and Osteoarthritis] that are lifetime illnesses. PetPlan has paid every covered claim, every year, for each lifetime illness. All I do is provide a completed claim form, medical records, and my invoice. There has never been a delay in processing a claim.
Most recently [Dec 6, 2016], we consulted with a surgeon for potential hip replacement. The surgeon quickly identified that there was something very wrong with Toby’s spine—Toby was having slight difficulty walking. An MRI was scheduled for the following week. The morning of the MRI Toby was unable to move his backend. The MRI was immediately reviewed and it was discovered that Toby had an inter vertebral disk extrusion at T13-L1 that would require immediate surgery—if Toby was to ever walk again. Without hesitation we consented to the surgery. He is now 3 weeks post-surgery. Recovery is slow but promising. Rehab has begun—Hydro-therapy (water treadmill) twice a week and laser therapy for his hips once a week. I filed the first claim for this medical emergency [MRI and surgery] on Dec 20th. PetPlan paid $4641. Yeah PetPlan!!!!

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Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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