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Dude got a new pair of furry boots from his overnight stay in the ER on Sunday from what turned out to be the stomach flu (he had diarrhea for 4days but acting like his normal crazy self) and on top of that he was bit by something giving him a puffy face. He was pumped with fluids for 24hrs and had another puffy face flair up during the night while he was there with a suspected blockage which turned out to not be true because we were able to not worry about the testing and be sure. One more example on why having Pet insurance is a MUST! My pups always seems to have an emergency on Sundays and it's always a crazy rate at the ER. PetPlan provided that peace of mind and processed our claim in 5 days paying 100% reimbursement less our $200 Ded. If you don't have it get it. Anyway he's still the crazy Dude puppy and nothing phased him. He just has some furry boots now.

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Gastroenteritis, bug bite and possible foreign body
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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