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I pay $34 a month with the $200 deductible. Recently my dog needed to have teeth extracted as his baby teeth were not falling out on their own and his adult teeth were coming through. Pet plan denied my claim of $450 because I paid my Vet in 2 payment instalments to pay off the vet bill. Petplan told me because I have 2 separate receipts that it is two separate claims and that it doesn't meet the per condition deductible. My Veterinarian and I explained to Petplan numerous times that even though I made 2 payments that it is 1 claim as I had proved through my dogs medical records and receipts. Petplan denied my claim saying that it's two separate claims. My Vets office sent in all the necessary information explaining to petplan it is one claim. It has been over two months now and I am still trying to get reimbursed for my claim. Petplan will use any excuse to try not to pay you. Its difficult as it is when you have a sick pet and then you have to deal with an insurance company like Petplan. When I called in to Petplan the women over the phone was very rude and told me she was too busy to deal with my claim. I am looking into other pet insurance companies but not until I am reimbursed for my dogs claim.

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Teeth extractions
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 07/01/2016
By: Philo Vance

I'm both surprised and not surprised to hear about your particular problem. I have had Pet Plan for different pets for over 7 years and am very happy with them, but they sometimes misinterpret the documentation you submit.
For instance my vet insists I pay for all procedures ahead of time, sometimes weeks before they are delivered. I always wait until a given "cycle's" billing is complete before I submit a claim so the vet's notes clearly indicated that the procedure was performed.

However, Pet Plan initially denied the claim, because they thought I paid for a procedure that wasn't done. The difference in dates confused them. When I patiently pointed out the documentation that proved the procedure had been done, they corrected themselves and paid quickly.

I agree it's a hassle to have to stay on top of them that way, but I have always gotten my way if I am in the right and I have never spoken to anyone who was unhelpful