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Just discovered a $122 charge on my credit card from Pet Plan. Much more than the $45 charge we typically get. I phoned to find out my policy was automatically renewed and PetPlan decided to take first and last months payment at once. Not only that but the monthly premium went up over 25% in one year from $45 to $57.

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Posted: 07/18/2016
By: Leisa Eldred

Every year before renewal I always get an email indicating the amount of the renewal. Each year my plan has increased. I buy 90% coverage for one dog for $358 annually and have had a modest increase each year. As with everything costs go up annually but I've more than made back the cost just in reimbursements. I pay quarterly and they've never taken more than one payment every three months. They are so easy to work with if they've made a mistake I'm sure they would correct it. They fixed all mine.

Posted: 03/19/2017
By: Barb

I've had Pet Plan for about 8 years and EVERY year the premiums have increased more than the 10% they said to expect when I signed up. Typically the increases have been around 25% each year, and this is without my submitting any claims. Buyer beware, don't believe the sales pitch you're being given!