So glad we got pet plan!

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We love PetPlan! I never expected to have a dog that needs to go to the doctor for so many illnesses and injuries!! In the 4 years we've had our dog Jay we have found out that he is allergic to bee stings and red aunt stings and flea bites and some other environmental allergen that gives him hives and causes his paws to flair up. Most recently our little dog had an ear infection and a week later had a fox tail that got lodged I between his toes and infected. We are an active family and Jay loves to get out with us and hike and run around outside, and I hate to see him miss out on the fun, and more importantly I don't want him hurting. Pet plan has been amazing. It is easy to get in touch with them, easy to submit a clam, and they send out email updates on the claim processing. Having PetPlan has given us the piece of mind to get Jay the care he needs rather than trying to care for him on our own and most likely making the situation worse. Jay's ear and paw are all healed and we received a check for $359.00. Every time we have to take a trip to the vet I am just so happy that we decided to purchase PetPlan insurance, no regrets there!

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Ear Problem

Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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