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We made the decision to get pet insurance when getting our baby rottweiler, Sprocket right away. But to my amazement there were so many different options when it came to picking a company. When you shop around the rates are basically the same per amount of coverage you want. So I called the companies and spoke to a representative. That is how we decided on Petplan, and I couldn't be happier that we did. A few months later we took Sprocket to the vet after falling down a few stairs and still being in pain. Turns out at only 10 months old our baby had double hip dysplasia and needed FHO surgery. I called Pet Plan freaking out, and they completely calmed me down and assured me everything was going to okay and they were there to help.
Here we are now almost a year later and Sprocket had his second FHO surgery last month and will be starting water therapy in a few weeks. We couldn't of done all this without Pet Plan, even Sprocket's doctors and therapist have asked us who we use because they know how great Pet Plan has been for us and now they recommend them as well.
One of the best parts about working with Pet Plan, is actually getting a person on the phone no matter what time of day. You never get a recording, and they are always so sweet.

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Hip dysplasia in both hips
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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