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I am so appreciative for the assistance and excellent service I've received from PetPlan. As much as I hoped to never use my pet insurance, because that would mean my pet is healthy, the reality is different.
With a 3 year old exuberant boxer (Tucker), accidents and illnesses happen. Our most incident occurred when Tucker re-tore his ACL after 8 months of physical therapy. I was heartbroken, Tucker has spent almost half of his life now on restricted activity because of his two ACL tears. On top of that, I was very concerned of the costs due to this second tear. Because physical therapy didn't prevent the second tear, I knew there was a good chance that his vet would recommend expensive knee surgery this time.

Even though I knew PetPlan would be there for me, I was concerned with the time between paying his vet bill for surgery and when I would receive my check from PetPlan. However, there was no need to worry. I used PetPlan's well designed iPhone app to take pictures of and submit the invoices and medical records. A few days late, I received an email letting me know his claim was approved and the check was already in the mail. I received the check before I even had to pay the credit card bill for the charged surgery.

It is always emotionally stressful when a pet is sick or injured and the financial burden can make the situation worse. The peace of mind I have knowing PetPlan is there to support me during these difficult times with Tucker is worth more than I can put in words.

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