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Hershey is a 4 year old lovable mutt- we think he is an australian shepard and beagle mix. He had something going on with his stomach. At first, our regular but they did not work. We were referred to a specialist. Hershey started with blood work then onto an ultrasound and finally he had to have a colonsocopy. During the colonoscopy, the cause of Hershey's issue-a polyp- was found. Luckily, it was found to be benign! We were able to do all the tests and procedures without second thought knowing we had pet insurance. The specialist told us that our plan was the best she had worked with. We received Hershey's medical file promptly and submitted it with signed claimed forms. Within two weeks of submission, we received a check for the amount covered in our plan. We had one charge of $1908.22 and after non coverable items and our deductible, we were reimbursed $1526.58. When your dog is sick and you are not sure what is going on it is stressful enough, so having the cost issue covered made this time so much less stressful. Having pet plan insurance gave us piece of mind, so we could provide our dog with the best health care possible without worrying how we were going to cover all the costs!

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