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Another contrived denial for an exam performed right before infusion by my dog's oncologist. This on the heels of denying a life threatening spay for pyometra although the dog was enrolled at age 7 with clear representation that she was intact, but not breeding or service/therapy dog which requires a rider, and in the face of a phone call and letter from the vet.
Please tell me how you can inject drugs into a dog without examining him first. The bottom line is that half of the bill is denied, then they pay 90% of the balance. That makes the real payment 40% on an ongoing basis because no vet in their right mind would treat a dog with chemotherapy (or anything for that matter) without examining. Moreover, not every exam involves blood work or x-rays, which they would probably deny as well. Sometimes it involves manual examination, which was the way we found my last dog's lymphoma. By their rules, that would be denied every time the doctor checked him to see if the nodes were swollen, a primary diagnostic tool for this kind of cancer.

I think their advertising is fraudulent and misleading. I really dislike this company.

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Afghan Hound

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1 - 8

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