Trupanion Heartache

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I had a one year old dog with zero pre existing conditions. She was playing in my fenced in back yard and that night couldn't jump on the couch. I took her to the emergency where they did x-rays, and told me to see an orthopedic specialist. I did and they diagnosed her with bilateral torn ACL's. They told me not to worry that it obviously isn't pre existing based on the x-ray report, and their exam. First, they accused me of insurance fraud because this accident happened in my first 30 days.
Then they took so long giving approval/payment for the first trip to ER that I went ahead and did the surgery. After 6 weeks of the initial visit they approved that.
Then, they declined her injury based on the x-rays 6 weeks later on her post surgery. So yes, six weeks later it is pre existing. Lets try looking at the x-ray report the day we went to the emergency when it happened. That is not pre existing, and they admitted to me they never got the report. So they didn't even get all their paperwork in 6 weeks time, but it doesn't matter they just needed some excuse the deny the claim because it was too much money for someone who just applied to their insurance.
Hopefully, no one else's pets will have an accident when you first get insured!

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