Rate skyrockets as pet gets older

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I absolutely loved this plan when I had it for my previous, now deceased, dog. The entire package was great...rates, plans, coverage, customer service. I chose the accident/illness/wellness plan (the premium plan), and stayed with the plan for many years, and the rate increased with time of course, but reasonably. Then when my dog turned 11, they raised my rate from $800 to $2400 saying that my dog was now old and would need extra care, hence the high rate. I could not afford this and cancelled the insurance. The company offered me coverage under a basic plan (barebones) for the price I used to pay for the premium plan, $800, but I felt like I was being price-gouged, and unappreciated for my previous business. Since I could not get a different insurance, because most companies will not insure an older dog in a new policy, my dog had no insurance from then until he died two years later. Luckily he did not require much vet care other than vaccines and an occasional treatment. Most companies will not cover pets for costly chronic conditions anyway, like cancer or organ failure, so I felt that it was outrageous that my rate increased like that after I had been such a loyal customer for years. I escalated this issue with the company's management to no avail...they were so rude as to inform me that in some years they actually paid me more for claims than what I had paid as my premium, so that I had in fact actually "made money" from my policy. Isn't that how it sometimes goes with insurance? What business do they think they are in? If their rates are not profitable enough for them, they should reset them, not drop or price-gouge loyal customers who would never have anticipated this action. Be sure to ask companies what their rate schedule is as the pet ages, and get a specific ceiling on the price before buying. Or plan that you might not have affordable pet insurance for older pets, regardless of how long you have had your policy.

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Posted: 06/16/2015

They just changed their policies too with a lot more exclusions. Every year my premium has gone up.

Posted: 12/15/2014

Exact same thing is happening with me now! They have been a great insurance and now that my dog is 11 years old I just received the renewal rate from $1,107.00 (Essential Plus Plan) to $1,814.00 (their new Companion Plus plan). I have two dogs and will not be able to afford this plus the renewal of my other dog coming up. Not sure what to do yet.