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I contacted you, printed out the claim form, collected all the documents you requested and mailed them all in the same envelope. There were a total of 4 bills which were clearly itemized on the claim. Whoever opened the mail, just selected ONE of the bills and discarded or ignored the rest. Then I was told that they were not sent! I had to take the time to pull out all the bills again and resubmit via fax. I requested to speak with a supervisor and requested some feedback after an investigation as to how this happened. I have heard NOTHING back from the supervisor who was not exactly professional in her demeanor. I am not surprised at this point. I am very sorry I spent my money with this company on this insurance - the whole experience has been quite annoying.

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Posted: 06/04/2013
By: K.J.

the vets themselves are supposed to fax the documents over to the insurance carriers, not you. Of course you *can* but they can question it, since it was not sent directly from a vet's office, or "lose" part of it, etc. Next time have the vet fax the info, and get confirmation that they received it