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Trupanion has let me down to the tune of $2500, be very careful. After many years of cat ownership and paying lots of vet bills out of pocket, I decided to get pet insurance (I had just adopted my second shelter cat in recent years). My older cat (five years old) had bladder stones removed when he was three. Since that time (two years ago he had perfect check ups and no issues). Two years after the problem, he started having issues. An ultrasound showed what looked like bladder stones again. I had the surgery done, turned out to be "grit" in his bladder this time. After the first surgery. my vet had said he did not know if stones would re-occur, but to help he suggested many things, as much water and canned food as I could get in him, and Hill's Science Diet suggested dry KD (kidney diet) food. My cat is not a big canned food eater but I got as much in him as he would take. So flash forward to this year, and the bladder grit. Trupanion DENIED the entire claim because (an only because) according to them, the DRY FOOD was an indication of treatment therefore this was a preexisting condition that did not meet their 18 month preexisting clause. So... using that logic, if I had fed him "grocery store" cat food they would have paid the claim? This is so wrong and I am doing whaetver I can to try to get them to pay this. Any help or advice on the claim process would be greatly appreciated. I've already appealed and their "independent" third party reviewer agreed with th

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Domestic Shorthair

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Posted: 04/30/2012
By: Stacy at Trupanion

Hi Mary,I understand what a difficult time this must be for you and your cat. Unfortunately, we were unable to approve his claim since the condition began prior to his pet insurance coverage. The special diet recommended by your veterinarian, which appears to have helped keep your cat healthy for two years, is considered treatment. Since your cat has been effectively receiving ongoing treatment, that renders the condition pre-existing.

Within our third-party review process, your claim is sent to an independent group of veterinarians who make an impartial decision. There are no incentives and when a claim reaches this process, their decision is the final stand. In this case, the original decision that the condition was pre-existing was upheld.

I am truly sorry about this situation and hope that your cat is doing well since his surgery.