Ripoff - Raised Monthly Premiums 70% After 1 Year

Out of 10

This company raised my monthly premiums by 70% after the first year despite the fact that my dogs had not been sick, injured or diagnosed with any disease. They got perfect bills of health from vet check ups, were current on vaccinations and were not overweight.
When I called to ask why the monthly premium went up 70%, they told me that it was adjusted based on the rising cost of treating pets in my area. Nothing should have an annual inflation increase of 70%. This Company likely quotes low rates for the first year, only to raise them once they get you to sign up. If they are not straight foward on rates when initially signing me up, then I don't trust them when I actually have a claim.

When calling to cancel, the service rep told me that a special representative needed to talk to me before processing my cancelation, but that person was not available. I don't know why the service rep I had a 10 minute conversation with could not process my cancellation. I am now waiting for the call back.

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Claim Amount
Under $100

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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